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Maintenance Monitor Provides Reliable On-line LTC Data Collection

Intelligent Controls, Inc. (INCON) has introduced the Model 1250-LTC, an enhanced version of the company's longstanding model 1250B. INCON has more than 23,000 1250s in service. The 1250-LTC will provide reliable on-line LTC data collection to assist with making informed maintenance decisions. This will greatly aid utilities' efforts to prolong the life of their equipment and reduce maintenance costs. Existing 1250B units are fully upgradable to include the new features.

The NEW 1250-LTC offers the following alarmable features:

1. Tap change displacement (position variation indicating mechanism wear).

2. Momentary relay acknowledgment of each tap change.

3. Total operations count.

4. Count of tap changes up to or down to each tap.

5. Count of consecutive tap changes in one direction.

6. Days since passing through neutral.

7. Full reporting via serial port output.

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