Maintenance-Free, Storm-Hardened, Medium Voltage Switchgear

Maintenance-Free, Storm-Hardened, Medium Voltage Switchgear

Trayer Engineering Corp. has announced the 3000 Series of 15 kV/25 kV three-phase automatic switchgear featuring high-reliability vacuum fault interrupters (VFIs). As sealed, dead-front, microprocessor-based relay-controlled, liquid or gas-insulated vacuum switchgear, the Trayer units are designed to replace live-front, air-insulated, fused-fault interrupters, which require significantly more maintenance. The 3000 Series units are rated at 600 A continuous current and are capable of up to 10,000 load break operations at full load as well as 65 operations at 12.5 kA fault current. A wide variety of custom circuit configurations and packaging are available. For example: double-sided, access pad-mount units as shown are offered with customized physical footprint and bushing configurations to facilitate easy replacement of less-reliable fused equipment.

To optimize performance, Trayer 3000 Series use compact vacuum-bottle contactors and industry-standard SEL automation and overcurrent controls. They also feature the company’s tri-phase visible disconnect switch and are offered with either liquid or gas dielectric mediums.  Like all Trayer switchgear products, the 3000 Series units are designed for a service life of 30 years or longer.

Trayer 3000 Series
Trayer 3000 Series

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