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Luxtron ThermAsset2 Now Available in 8-Channel Configuration

Lumasense Technologies has announced the availability of the Luxtron ThermAsset2 Fiber Optic Winding Temperature Hotspot Measurement and Controller in 2-, 4-, 6- or 8-channel configurations.

The ThermAsset2 system measures the winding hot spot temperature within a transformer in real time and can activate control of the cooling system and transformer protection, allowing for safe and optimized operation of the transformer during overload conditions.

Now available for use with LumaSense Technologies’ new Quality Probes and Ruggedized Probes, the ThermAsset2 offers your choice of two, four, six or eight measurement channels. The system is designed with six programmable setpoints and relays with individual LED alarm indicators and a system fault and status relay indicator.

Today, it is accepted that direct winding hot spot temperature measurement is the only safe means to activate cooling fans and pumps for proper, reliable operation at optimum load capacity. It is also the best method to assess the life of a transformer.

The drift-free, calibration-free nature inherent with our Fluoroptic technology makes the ThermAsset2 a reliable means to control valuable transformer assets. LumaSense probes are leading the industry in price/performance and are immune to the effects of electromagnetic, high voltage, microwave or RF interference.

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