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Low-Voltage Switchgear Enhances Arc-Flash Protection

Promoting system reliability and arc flash protection, the AKD-20 from GE Consumer & Industrial's Electrical Distribution business uses EntelliGuard G low-voltage circuit breakers, available from 800 A to 5,000 A with fault ratings up to 150 kAIC, and EntelliGuard TU Trip Unit.

Optimized footprint can use 22, 30, or 38 inch section sizes when possible, and lack of ventilation openings protects operators from vented hot ionized gases. Also included, a ZSI system lets multiple breakers protect their zones instantaneously while maintaining full selectivity.

Optional safety shutters protect operators from accidental contact with live conductors when the breaker is withdrawn. Easy access to equipment compartments simplifies maintenance of the breaker cubicle and control circuit elements, as well as inspection of the bolted bus connections.

A true closed-door draw out construction is standard with all AKD-20 equipment. The breaker compartment doors remain stationary and closed while the breaker is racked out from the connect position, through test, to the disconnect position. Doors are secured with rugged one-quarter turn latches.

The EntelliGuard Breaker-Trip Unit System can reduce the risk of the arc flash hazard with the optional Reduced Energy Let-through (RELT) mode, with positive feedback included as standard. RELT is an alternate, or lower, Instantaneous Pick Up setting that causes the circuit breaker to operate and clear faster in the event of an incident during live maintenance. The faster breaker response and shorter clearing time reduces the incident energy and the system protects at HRC1 or 2 for available fault currents as high as 100kA.

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