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Loggers Record True RMS Measurements

AEMC's Sentinel Current Data Loggers are a new line of loggers that record true RMS measurements of current parameters. The current loggers include integral flexible current probes for three-phase measurements up to 3000A.

The loggers are small, portable and battery-operated (Alkaline and rechargeable NiMH models available). Current loggers are equipped with the extended recording mode (XRM), which allows the operator to record over a long period of time by reducing the storage rate. This process continues until the recording is manually stopped. The loggers are able to store up to 480,000 points (1 MB). Other storage modes include FIFO (First In, First Out) and Stop When Full. Data is sampled at 64 samples per cycle in all modes.

The current loggers are supplied with permanently attached AmpFlex current probes. They also include DataView; software for data storage; analysis and report generation.

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