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LDIC is Renamed Doble Lemke

Doble Engineering Co. 's Partial Discharge solution division LDIC Group, with operations in Kesselsdorf, Germany and Rheinfelden, Switzerland has been renamed Doble Lemke GmbH and Doble Lemke AG, respectively. The rebranding marks the group’s association with its namesake and founder Prof. Dr. Eberhard Lemke.

Doble Lemke specializes in dielectric testing, diagnostics and monitoring systems and instruments for electrical power systems and apparatus. The company was originally named “Lemke Diagnostics” and was founded in 1990 by Prof. Lemke who is still a consultant to Doble Lemke. In later years, the company name was changed to LDIC Group. In July 2008, the company was acquired by ESCO Technologies, Inc., the parent of Doble Engineering Company, and is now a member of the Doble family of companies.

Vegard Larsen, president of Doble’s European operations said: “Frank Doble was an early pioneer in diagnostic testing of electric power apparatus. His unique model of working in partnership with utilities is still the foundation of Doble Engineering Co.’s business today. Prof. Lemke is also an industry pioneer. The company Lemke created is a leading edge technology group that has supported fundamental research on dielectric behavior of insulating materials. They are considered the foremost experts in this field. The new company name of Doble Lemke more accurately portrays this legacy and the partnership of these two great teams.”

Alan Wilson has been appointed as managing director and general manager of Doble Lemke GmbH. Wilson previously held the position of knowledge services manager for Doble. He has been a research worker and technology manager for UK utilities, CEGB and NationalGrid prior to joining Doble in 1999. He has a strong link to the company technologies, with more than 50 publications in the partial discharge technology and transformer life management areas.

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