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KEMA Highlights Potential for Electric Utility Application of Emerging Battery Storage Technology

KEMA tested and validated the successful use of new large-scale battery storage technology for electric utility system applications. The battery storage system units tested were developed by the AES Corp. and its suppliers, Altairnano and Parker SSD.

The energy storage technology tested is based on lithium titanate battery cells. Two prototype 1-MW battery storage devices were installed and demonstrated at a substation owned and operated by Indianapolis Power & Light (IPL), an AES company. Based on testing performed to date, the large-scale units passed the initial demonstration and validation requirements, meeting design characteristics and performing in its anticipated applications.

KEMA designed a three-phase test program for the AES battery storage system that included installation, integration and functional testing, battery performance testing, and utility application-level testing. The test of the prototype system demonstrates how advanced storage technologies can benefit the electricity grid through applications such as frequency regulation. One of the main features of the battery storage system is that it can respond with up to full power in milliseconds to control commands.

KEMA is actively engaged in evaluating and developing energy storage systems to support a more resilient electric power grid. Recent projects include the “Energy Island”, a large-scale offshore wind energy storage system, and the Redox Flow battery storage system.

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