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KEMA Acquires Czech High-Power Lab

Energy consultancy and testing and certification firm KEMA is acquiring the Czech firm Zkusebnictvi (Zku) from OEZ, a subsidiary of German company Siemens. Prague-based Zku specializes in the short-circuit testing of medium-voltage electricity transmission and distribution equipment. The firm’s high-power lab supports clients from Europe and emerging economies such as Turkey, Russia, South Africa and Brazil. The acquisition provides the company with direct access to the Central and East European markets.

Global demand for medium, high and ultra-high-voltage testing services is rising – buoyed by the increasing importance attached to energy supply reliability. KEMA also has a high-voltage lab in Arnhem (Netherlands) and high-power labs in both Arnhem and Chalfont (USA). Acquisition of Zku is in line with KEMA’s strategy of growing its core activities in the energy value chain.

KEMA has recently invested substantially in the expansion of its laboratories. Earlier this year, for example, it brought on line the world’s biggest commercially operating high-voltage lab at its Arnhem complex. Meanwhile, the voltage level of KEMA’s Dutch high-power lab – also the largest of its kind anywhere – was increased to 1,100 kV (1,1 million volts) in response to the trend toward ultra-high-voltage lines in China and elsewhere. Zku employs 31 people.

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