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Instrument Dedicated to Vibration Measurements on HV Circuit Breakers

Zensol has introduced a new instrument, the CBV-8, totally dedicated to vibration measurements on HV circuit breakers.

The CBV-8 uses a new method of vibration analysis developed by Hydro-Québec and commercialized under license by Zensol. This new instrument will allow the maintenance crew to detect mechanical anomalies in the circuit-breaker drive mechanisms and other moving parts in the interrupting chamber that should be inspected and overhauled.

The CBV-8 is used in conjunction with accelerometers. Its high sampling frequency of at least 150 kHz allows to catch a large variety of mechanical anomalies.

The CBV-8 comes with powerful and user-friendly softwares: CBV WIN used for recording the test sequence and DVA for analyzing the defect severity and plan further maintenance actions. It integrates many calculation functions including noise suppression, amplitude and time deviations between measured and reference signals, frequency spectrogram depicting relevant frequencies.

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