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Instrument Analyzes On-Load Tap Changers

Zensol has introduced the TAP-4 totally dedicated to acoustic vibrations measurements on on-load tap changers.

Faults associated to on-load tap changers are at the origin of up to 40% of the transformer failures.

This new instrument allows the maintenance crew to detect most of common OLTC malfunctions as contact wear, arcing in diverter, arcing in selector, synchronism problem, drive mechanism problem and brake failure.

The Tap-4 is used in conjunction with accelerometers (3 maximum) and a current sensor clamp. Its high sampling frequency of at least 100 KHz allows to record a large variety of mechanical and arcing problems.

The Tap-4 comes with powerful and user-friendly software CBV WIN Tap to record and analyze events the OLTC events.

It integrates many calculation and graphic functions to be able to build tests references and tests recordings for comparison analysis.

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