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Infrared Windows for Safe Thermal Inspection of Indoor Switchgear

Fluke Corp. has introduced the new Fluke CLKTO C-Range Infrared Window, designed to facilitate infrared and visual inspections of indoor switchgear and electrical installations, while protecting technicians from arc-flash or electric shock.

The Fluke CLKTO Window is specifically designed for indoor applications and incorporates a clear, impact resistant viewing pane that complies fully with IEEE and ANSI requirements for indoor switchgear rated at up to 72kV. This viewing pane with Quadraband optics allows visual inspection of electrical equipment even with the cover closed. The unique twist-off magnetic cover is impact-resistant to ANSI requirements.

Fluke CLKTO IR Windows use the unique Quadraband multispectral optic that allows inspection with any thermal imaging camera, for maximum flexibility. Optics are sealed against moisture degradation with the exclusive Fluke CLIRVU coating and tested to withstand the long term aging effects of UV exposure.

The CLKTO C-Range windows are certified by Underwriters Laboratories as suitable for Type 1 (indoor) environments in North America and Canada and comply with ANSI regulation C37.20.2 for switchgear up to 72 kV.

For outdoor applications Fluke also offers the Fluke CLKT C-Range Infrared Windows, certified by UL and CSA for type 3/12 (outdoor) environments in North American and Canada, and by SIRA Certification IP65 (outdoor) environments in Europe.

Maintenance professionals in electrical utilities use infrared thermal imagers to inspect installations for hot spots that could indicate loose connections, bad bearings or other equipment failure. Fluke infrared window enable workers to inspect high-energy equipment safely, without opening equipment enclosures or wearing the heavy personal protective equipment (PPE) required to protect workers from electric arc-flash. Using Fluke infrared windows they can do more inspections in less time, with greater safety.

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