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Infrared Cameras Feature Wide Field-of-View Choices

Infrared Cameras Feature Wide Field-of-View Choices

FLIR Systems has unveiled the next generation FLIR i-Series point-and-shoot infrared cameras today, featuring higher resolutions and wider field-of-view choices – three rugged models that help users find problems faster and more accurately, starting under $1,200.

New options include the upgraded i7 with 36% more thermal resolution than before. In fact, at 19,600 pixels, the i7 actually exceeds RESNET resolution standards. FLIR has kept pricing for all three new i-Series cameras the same as its original affordable models.

All i-Series cameras capture thousands of calibrated temperature measurements in every image to produce a complete thermal picture that immediately shows where hot spots and other heat-related anomalies may be present – issues that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye. This allows users to find problems faster, diagnose them more accurately, and work more efficiently.

Built with ruggedness, all i-Series cameras are tough enough to withstand a 2-meter drop and stow right alongside other tools. And every one is backed by FLIR’s 2/5/10 warranty that provides two years of coverage on all camera components, 5-year battery coverage, and 10-year warranty protection for the infrared detector.

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