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Infrared Cameras Designed for Electrical Condition Monitoring

FLIR Systems, Inc. has added three new models to its extensive line of thermal imagers: the ultra-portable InfraCAM, the high-resolution ThermaCAM EX300, and the affordable ThermaCAM E45. The InfraCAM is the suitable infrared solution for those looking to use this powerful technology at an approachable price, while the EX300 provides image clarity and detail.

The addition of the lightweight, hand-held InfraCAM, E45 and EX300 models, provides users with the ability to easily detect and diagnose problems with electrical systems. These cameras enable entire electrical systems to be scanned, to inspect areas that can’t easily be reached with thermocouples or other contact-based tools, to instantly detect faulty connections, fuses, circuit breakers, and wiring for immediate repair, and diagnose their potential impact on the operation of a facility.

“Although the cost of IR cameras has decreased over the years, they have remained prohibitive for many electrical professionals and facility managers,” explained John Keane, director of sales, FLIR Thermography Division.

Maintenance-free, revolutionary uncooled FPA infrared detectors produce highly sensitive thermal images that allow for the detection of subtle temperature variations that can signal faults in electrical components. The InfraCAM features a large, easy-to-read 3.5” LCD screen – highlighting even the smallest of issues to be accurately located and displayed. A lightweight, long-life Li–Ion battery guarantees uninterrupted inspections for up to seven hours on a single charge. The built-in Laser LocatIR pinpoints problems with precision, and enhances worker safety by eliminating “fingerpointing” at problems in hazardous electrical environments. The on-board, flexible JPEG image storage allows images to be easily downloaded to a PC via included USB cable and QuickView software for inspection reporting.

The new robust EX300 camera features a 320 x 240 high-resolution pixel array, providing four times the resolution of many compact cameras on the market with standard 160 x 120 arrays. The EX300 offers high thermal sensitivity for optimal accuracy, and high temperature range settings – ideal for finding faults in electrical and mechanical systems quickly, easily and accurately.

The ThermaCAM E45 is an affordable infrared solution for electrical and mechanical condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. This camera is suitable for even entry-level infrared users combining a robust, yet user-friendly feature set, with extreme affordability.

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