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Indicator Gives Local, Remote Position of Load Tap Changer

Incon's Model 1250B Synchro (Selsyn) rotary position indicator provides accurate, local and remote indication of load tap changer position and other difficult synchro-based position readings, now with improved communications options.

The indicator provides absolute local and remote position feedback and informs dispatchers of LTC or regulator position in real-time. It performs non-linear conversion and interfaces with PLCs and PC-based SCADA systems. The unit also has addressable RS-485 multidrop communication and full-duplex RS-232 serial communication.

The indicator also features:

  • programmable function via the serial port.
  • programmable hi/lo relay limits.
  • proportional linear or stepped analog output.
  • ASCII or MODBUS protocols.
  • highly visible 5-digit LED display.
  • small size that fits in 1/8 DIN panel cut-out.
  • accuracy over multiple turns.
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