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Incon Enhances Load Tap Changer

Incon's Model 1250-LTC provides critical LTC maintenance data to assist in making informed decisions, while continuing to provide highly accurate local and remote indication of load tap changer position.

The 1250-LTC offers the following new capabilities:

  • Provides absolute position feedback
  • Tap change displacement (position variation, 0.1 degree resolution)
  • Total operations count
  • Number of tap changes “up to” or “down to” each tap
  • Number of consecutive tap changes in one direction
  • Number of days since first or last change to highest and lowest tap (draghands)
  • Number of days since passing through neutral
  • “Unstable signal” and loss of signal detection
  • Momentary relay acknowledgement at each tap change
  • High tap and low tap alarm limits
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