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HSDAD Dual Acoustical Detector Improves Acoustical Detection

The Model HS-DAD Directional Acoustic Detector from Hipotronics features a new concept in fault locating that uses the speed of sound to show direction to the fault (thump) from where the operator is standing.

This dual-channel system is designed for primary cable fault location and can be used with any thumper. The sound of the "thump" emitting from the fault is detected at different times by two microphones placed apart on the cable route. One microphone is used until the sound of the thump is heard. Two microphones are then placed apart over the route of the cable. The first microphone is used to pick up the sound of the thump and triggers the electronics into action, but shuts down the second microphone's input. The LED indicator displays the direction of the fault. As the microphones are moved down the route of the cable, the LED indicator responds in the same direction until the fault is passed. At this point the trailing microphone will respond first, producing a reverse direction on the LED indicator. The operator knows he has passed the fault point and must reverse his search.

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