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Hot Spot Temperature Monitoring System for Small to Medium Transformers

Neoptix has introduced the T/Guard Link, the latest addition to its T/Guard product family for effectively monitoring transformer hot spots.

The T/Guard Link is specially designed for small and medium size dry-type or oil-filled power transformers. Its small body allows an easy and effective installation into any size of transformer control cabinet. The T/Guard Link can also be ordered with a NEMA-4 protective enclosure for direct stand-alone mounting on the transformer tank wall. The T/Guard Link is a cost-oriented system that has all the features required for integration into a substation SCADA or control system. It is available with one to eight optical channels and can be ordered with the popular communication links such as serial RS-232, RS-485, MODBUS, DNP 3.0 or Ethernet serial bridge. The T/Guard Link also provides a 4-20 mA analog output for each channel.

T/Guard Link components have been specifically selected for long-term performance, including the light source that has an MTBF of over 300 years of use, which is far superior to the expected life of the transformer. The T/Guard Link complies with all requirements, such as vibration, stress, electrical susceptibility and conductivity, for permanent and trouble-free installation on the side of a transformer. The T/Guard Link is compatible with all Neoptix fiber optic temperature probes and sensors, including the T2 model for transformer hot spot monitoring.

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