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Horizon Wind Energy Chooses Monitoring Software for Protect Its U.S. Fleet

Horizon Wind Energy LLC is installing SmartSignal EPI*Center Predictive Analytic software to protect its entire North American fleet. The fleet includes more than 20 wind farms across the United States, over 1600 turbines responsible for approximately 3400 MW of energy. Horizon will be monitoring its turbines using SmartSignal technology in Horizon’s own centralized monitoring center, where SmartSignal will be deployed on top of Horizon’s new OSIsoft PI System data infrastructure. Target is to be live with complete implementation by the end of 2010.

The agreement comes after a successful six-month trial of more than100 turbines of multiple varieties in wind farms across the U.S.

SmartSignal EPI*Center software detects, diagnoses, and prioritizes developing mechanical and instrumentation turbine failures for SmartSignal’s wind customers. SmartSignal develops personalized empirical models for all turbines, each of which is composed of a sophisticated combination of interrelationships of all related sensors that affect turbine performance. These unique turbine models automatically adapt to fluctuations in wind speed, direction, shear, turbulence from ambient conditions, and equipment performance. SmartSignal analyzes in real time all the data collected in the nacelle—literally tens of thousands of data points daily on a typical wind farm—and detects and notifies wind farms of impending problems, allowing owners to focus on fixing problems early and efficiently.

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