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High Voltage Inc. Provides Portable Testing Equipment for Wind Farms

High Voltage Inc. Provides Portable Testing Equipment for Wind Farms

High Voltage, Inc. serves the wind industry by providing portable VLF 0.1Hz AC hipots and AC HV Test equipment for proof testing the medium-voltage collector cable circuits and switchgear commonly used on wind farms. The VLF 0.1Hz testing of wind farm power cable feeders and collector cable circuits per IEEE- 400.2 is a simple, cost-effective, and conclusive quality assurance test method.

It definitively proves out the integrity of the workmanship, cable insulation and its associated accessories such as splices and joints. A VLF AC withstand test examines the cable laying and workmanship of the new installation and tests if it will provide reliable, long-term power distribution to the distribution grid the wind farm serves.

High Voltage, Inc. also can supplement VLF withstand testing with Tan delta testing diagnostics via a Tan delta bridge used in conjunction with a VLF AC Hipot. By monitoring the tan delta readings of a cable circuit over time, one can determine if a particular cable is beginning to show insulation degradation commonly caused by water trees possibly leading to a cable fault disrupting power delivery. By discovering a suspect cable before a catastrophic cable fault, plans can be made ahead of time to repair, rejuvenate or replace the cable and splices during a controlled repair outage minimizing power interruption and service failure.

These two testing methods (VLF & Tan delta) are easy and accurate for wind farm managers and HV contractors to enhance and continuously provide a reliable installation and reliable generation of power.

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