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High-Voltage Ammeter Supports Distribution Systems

HD Electric Co.'s Halo Ammeters are high-voltage digital ammeters for use on power distribution systems and are designed to take true RMS AC current measurements up to 2000 A on voltages up to 69 kV. The open core design allows the user to quickly hook it over a conductor from the end of a hotstick and obtain a current reading in amperes. The Halo can be used to take spot load measurements on single or multi-phase systems to determine load balance.

The Halo is available with either a hook or fork-style sensing head. There are two models: the Halo I and Halo II. The Halo I has a peak-hold mode that stores the reading until the display is reset. The Halo II includes peak-hold and tracking modes, allowing the user to view continuous changes in current on the display.

The ammeter can be used on overhead or underground applications and is 9 V battery-powered with auto shut-off.

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