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Harger Launches New Grounding Website

Harger Lightning & Grounding has released a new and improved Website at www.harger.com. Harger’s site provides information and products to provide a total system solution to the protection of any facility or site.

The website includes Harger’s New Master Equipment Catalog that was released early in 2007. The Technical Assistance section has been expanded to include Specifications for Structural LP System, Wireless Communication Site LP & Grounding System, Signal Reference Grid System and Grounding & Bonding for Communications System (ANSI-J-STD-607-A). Downloadable details for grounding, exothermics and lightning protection have been added. The Lightning Risk Assessment Calculator allows the user to perform a risk assessment based on the NFPA 780-2004 edition. In the Library Section, you can view and download brochures, line cards and presentations. See what Training Programs are offered by Harger. Locate a Harger Stocking Distributor or Factory Representative in your area, and so much more.

Harger Lightning & Grounding is a manufacturer of lightning protection and grounding equipment, as well as exothermic welding materials for the communications and electrical industries.

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