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Handheld Vibration Analyzer Features Low Noise Floor

After extensive research of its customer base, Datastick Systems, Inc. claims that the noise floor of its handheld VSA Vibration Spectrum Analyzers may be the lowest in the industry.

"The Datastick VSA's low noise floor is important when measuring low amplitudes of vibration," said Kevin Nordenstrom, senior vibration analyst and president of Reliability Optimization, Inc. (ROI). "If the noise is too high, it is very difficult to differentiate the real vibration from the noise."

In vibration analysis this means that subtle yet significant changes in the vibration signature of a rotating or reciprocating machine such as a pump, turbine, or other motorized assembly may not be detected until it is close to failure.

"Customers and consultants have told us that they been able to see signals that were completely hidden in the noise level displayed by competing vibration analyzers - including those costing several times as much as ours." said Penny Melrose, CEO.

Vibration analysis is used by reliability managers and maintenance engineers in predictive maintenance, reliability-centered maintenance (RCM), and conditions-based maintenance programs to prevent unforeseen breakdowns, and for troubleshooting problem machines.

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