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Handheld Instrument Monitors Partial Discharge

UK power engineering company EA Technology has launched a handheld instrument for monitoring surface partial discharge activity in high-voltage electricity assets.

The UltraMET is a highly sensitive ultrasonic listening device, which provides engineers with instant indications of levels of surface PD activity in the form of decibel readings. These signals are also converted into audible sound through the supplied headphones.

The UltraMET is supplied pre-calibrated to 38.4 kHz, with its own case, rechargeable batteries and noise-isolating headphones.

An UltraMET Plus option is bundled with a complete range of accessories at a preferential price, including a parabolic waveform concentrator, which enables the UltraMET to measure surface PD activity in overhead assets. All accessories can be purchased individually.

“The UltraMET fits into our portfolio alongside the MiniTEV handheld instrument, which measures PD activity in the form of transient earth voltages (TEVs)," said Colin Vickers of EA Technology. "Used together, they are very effective at surveying the condition of HV assets, locating faults as they start to develop and monitoring changes in emission levels.

“The UltraMET and MiniTEV can also be used as a first response to an UltraTEV PD detector ‘red light’ indication. The UltraTEV is a small handheld instrument, which provides an immediate warning of the presence PD activity at levels which require further investigation. With all three instruments in their toolkits, engineers have a complete range of portable tools for detecting, measuring, and understanding PD activity.”

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