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Handheld Digital Multimeters Optimize User Safety

Agilent Technologies Inc. has announced higher safety ratings for its U1240A Series and U1250A Series handheld digital multimeters (DMMs). New test probes and improved fuse protection enable CAT III 1000V and CAT IV 600V ratings, improving user safety in electrical testing and measurement.

Included with every unit, the new test probes use 4-mm tips, a length that reduces the likelihood of high-energy sparking, especially in CAT IV environments. As defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), CAT III environments include three-phase distribution (and single-phase commercial lighting) while CAT IV environments include three-phase utility connections and outdoor conductors.

While most comparable DMMs use a 10 kA fuse, Agilent U1240A and U1250A models now use a 30 kA fuse to provide greater protection from high-voltage transients. During qualification of the 30 kA fuse, all models passed HIPOT testing at 2000 VAC and 2000 VDC between the microamp, milliamp, and ampere terminals and common ground.

"The proper combination of DMM and probes is an essential element of safe operation in high-voltage electrical environments," said Ee Huei Sin, vice president and general manager of Agilent's Basic Instruments Division.

Agilent's U1250A Series includes the U1253A, the a handheld DMM with an OLED display. The U1240A Series lets engineers and technicians measure over broad ranges and perform a variety of checks faster with built-in capabilities such as data logging, harmonic ratio and a switch counter.

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