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Handheld Analyzes Circuit Breaker Defects Onsite

Handheld Analyzes Circuit Breaker Defects Onsite

The Profile P3 from Kelvatek offers a range of new features that make both the capture and analysis of a circuit breaker's first trip easier and less time consuming. This portable, lightweight, hand-held device uses non-intrusive connections to monitor the key current and voltage parameters during the critical first trip operation.

It provides the facility to overlay and compare multiple trip coil profiles on a high-resolution anti-glare color screen. A streamlined GUI interface simplifies the entry of test data and retrieval of results for analysis.

As well as indicating the health of the circuit breaker trip and close coil mechanisms, other useful parameters are obtained that include

  • measuring the main contact operating time
  • measuring the auxiliary contact operating time
  • checking the integrity of control circuit wiring
  • indicating problems with dc supply

The integrated design enables three-phase online measurements to be obtained on the handset. A USB port allows the upload of previous records and software upgrades. The user also has the option of capturing multiple circuit breaker operations over a period of time when there is fault activity on a circuit.

This portable hand-held device will be an invaluable addition to the maintenance technician’s toolkit that can be used at any circuit breaker location.

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