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Ground Resistance Tester Performs Soil Resistivity Tests

Ideal Industries has introduced its new 61-796 Earth Ground Resistance Tester. Featuring large easy-to-read graphics on a high-contrast LCD, the 61-796 is lightweight and portable for field use. Using traditional two- or three-pole methods, it allows technicians to quickly determine specific grounding requirements in three ranges (20/200/2000) for substations, power stations, lightning rods, and remote towers, as well as prior to the installation of large distribution equipment such as transformers or switchgear. It will not trip ground fault breakers in the circuit under test.

Housed in a rugged carrying case, the 61-796 is a complete testing solution with instrument, lead set, batteries and stakes. It features microprocessor control for total automation of the testing process, along with auto ranging, automatic recognition of the connection, data hold and low battery indicator. It is safety rated CAT III-200V.

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