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Genics Inc. Secures Exacter Utility Reliability Technology Alliance for All of Canada

Exacter, Inc., patent-holder and provider of outage-avoidance predictive technology for electric utilities, has awarded an exclusive sales, marketing, and distribution agreement for Canada to Genics Inc. of Acheson, Alberta.

Genics is a provider of pole maintenance products, inspection services, and asset management to the utility industry in Canada and a number of other countries.

“When we began researching Exacter’s technology and the service they provide to American utilities, we recognized that our clients across Canada would benefit from the value of combining our two companies’ capabilities,” states Wesley Wall, CEO of Genics Inc. “Having this technology alliance in place today is great for Genics, and great for the reliability of Canada’s electrical distribution system.”

The additional ability to provide “health assessments” of pole assets is of value to electrical utilities. “Until today, our asset management was an incomplete service because it did not cover the electrical components,” said Wall. “Now we offer complete pole-to-ground asset management…a full picture of a utility’s overhead assets.”

Genics Inc. is the fourth international company to be awarded an Exacter alliance sales and service agreement. Exacter is currently in negotiations with several similar in-country service organizations in Mexico, Asia, Europe, and the Pacific Rim.

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