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GE Energy Announces Release 6.0 Of System 1 Software

GE Energy (Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.) has released version 6.0 of its System 1 software, a condition monitoring, optimization and diagnostics platform. Initially released in 2000, the software is now in use by more than 2000 sites globally.

Release 6.0 combines numerous enhancements that increase the diagnostic power of the software while making it easier to order, install, use and maintain. Among the platform's many enhancements are two for which U.S. patents are pending. The first is support for state-based capabilities, allowing discrete machinery conditions, such as machine on/off or various load states, to be used when performing diagnostics and compiling trends. The second is a set of special analytic processes for handling stepless unloaders within the Bently Nevada Reciprocating Machinery application package. Users also will find nearly 50 other enhancements in release 6.0.

”Release 6.0 combines many of our customers' most frequently requested enhancements with a commercial structure that better reflects their needs,” said Dan Heintzelman, president of GE Energy's services business. “It's easier to purchase, easier to install, easier to maintain and easier to use—all the things our customers have told us are important to them."

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