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GE Acquires Remote Energy Monitoring in UK, Australia

GE has acquired Remote Energy Monitoring, Ltd. with operations in the United Kingdom and Australia. This acquisition enhances GE’s ability to address the European Union’s goals for a lower-emission, higher efficiency energy infrastructure. Remote Energy Monitoring’s software and hardware technologies allow consumers and utilities to better monitor and manage their energy usage.

Remote Energy Monitoring’s metering solutions are approved by U.K. regulators. The modular design of their solutions makes them field-upgradeable, enabling utilities to integrate new capabilities in the future without the time and expense of switching out meters.

GE's end-to-end hardware, software and communications technologies elevate electric metering beyond simply tracking energy consumption. The metering solutions support enhancements such as remote activation and disconnect, two-way communications between households and utilities, dynamic pricing structures, pre-paid account management and energy use adjustments in response to peak pricing events. In addition, robust software and communications enable consumers to receive energy information and control energy usage via PC, TV, smart phone and/or other mobile devices.

The transaction closed on Jan. 11, 2011. The entire Remote Energy Monitoring technology and support team will be joining GE. Headquarters will remain outside of London, United Kingdom.

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