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GarrettCom and Bow Networks Announce Cyber Security Protection for Substations

GarrettCom, Inc. and Bow Networks Inc. have announced a solution to cyber security threats at remote facilities such as power utility substations. .

The CrossBow Secure Access Manager is based on proven remote access software solutions from Bow Networks integrated with the security and management features of GarrettCom's hardened remote networking and security devices. This combination provides an Electronic Security Perimeter and auditable secure remote access to intelligent electric devices (IEDs) and other industrial devices and provides electric power utilities with a compliance solution for NERC CIP cyber security standards.

GarrettCom and Bow Networks have entered into a marketing and technology agreement whereby GarrettCom is the exclusive distributor of CrossBow to power utilities in North America. The two companies will continue technology development to enhance the CrossBow Secure Access Manager and CrossBow features embedded in GarrettCom network devices in order to meet evolving cyber security threats and compliance requirements. Bow Networks is the primary developer of CrossBow server software. Both companies will market CrossBow in other industrial sectors.

"With NERC CIP compliance deadlines looming, power utilities are looking to vendors to provide cost-effective solutions, rather than individual products," said John Shaw, GarrettCom EVP. "CrossBow provides a complete, easy-to-deploy answer to perimeter and remote access security requirements using proven software from a proven partner. CrossBow is not only well integrated with GarrettCom products, but has an open architecture that today supports market-leading dial-up gateways and other embedded networking products."

"This is an important time in the development of secure networking for power utilities and other critical industries," said Jeff Gill, Bow Networks President. "GarrettCom has a leadership position in hardened networking, including legacy SCADA networks at many power utilities. Our CrossBow agreement provides an integrated cyber security solution for this established customer base, as well as for new customers looking to deploy access security into environmentally challenging industrial applications."

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