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Gamber-Johnson Announces 2 Docking Cradles for Dell Computers

Gamber-Johnson has announced two new docking cradles for the Dell E6400/E6400ATG (Item No. 7160-0201) and the Dell E6500 (Item No. 7160-0202) computers.

The newly released docking cradle features brackets that restrain either the Dell E-Port or E-Port Plus office port replicator (port replicator is purchased through an authorized Dell reseller). The port replicator attaches to the cradle using brackets located at the rear of the cradle. The built-in positioning guides ensure that the port replicator is firmly seated and properly positioned to the cradle every time.The combination of the cradle and the Dell E-Port replicator allows full port replication similar to an integrated docking station. All ports on the office port replicator are unobstructed and accessible when properly installed.

The docking cradle also features rugged, front and side brackets that securely restrain the Dell E-Series 6400/64000 ATG/6500 computers in the cradle which is critical for any mobile users’ safety.

“Proper restraint of the port replicator and computer provides an added measure of safety in the event of a collision,” notes Tom O’Brien, Product Manager. “The brackets protect your valuable property from damage and limits the chances your computer can become disconnected from the port replicator causing connectivity issues.”

The side brackets are easily adjusted to fit the height of the computer and will not block access to any critical ports or the CD/DVD bay.

Designed with the user in mind, insertion and removal of the computer from the docking station is quick and easy. Simply press the push button located at the right side of the cradle and pull the tray open. Remove the computer with just one hand by pushing down on the port replicator release button. For added security, the built-in lock helps to deter theft.

Installation is quick and easy, requiring no special tools. The new docking cradles offer multiple mounting options for the motion attachment to allow for the most ergonomic fit and best use of vehicle space.

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