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Front Panel Control for CMC Test Sets

Front Panel Control for CMC Test Sets

The CMControl from Omicron is a front-panel control for the CMC 356, CMC 353, CMC 256plus, and CMC 256-6. Its instant availability and easy operation make it ideal for quick manual testing.

The intuitive touch-screen user interface makes setting up tests with the CMControl is particularly easy and convenient. The control wheel also allows accurate adjustment of output values during the test. The test tools included and integrated fault models are optimized for manual testing to get reliable test results quickly.

The CMControl is much more than just a classical front-panel control. It can either be attached to the CMC test set or be detached and used as a flexible handheld control. Magnetic elements at the rear allow it to be easily attached to standard protection cubicles. The device can also be comfortably positioned on the table with the built-in stand.

Key features
  • Instant availability for quick manual testing with CMC test sets
  • Intuitive and easy to use touch screen interface
  • Integrated control wheel to easily adjust output values
  • Easy to apply fault calculations for quick, reliable results
  • Simple storage of test results via USB flash drive
  • Flexible handling
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