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FLIR Introduces Three Lines of New Infrared Cameras

FLIR Introduces Three Lines of New Infrared Cameras

FLIR Systems has unveiled three distinct, all-new product lines, expanding options for every budget and application.

The FLIR i3 is a sub-$1,200 point-and-shoot infrared camera, making the big picture of thermal imaging a realistic and affordable upgrade from single-spot infrared thermometers or-temperature guns-with numerical readouts. The fully automatic FLIR i3 is easy to use out of the box and offers 60 x 60 pixel resolution suitable for everyday, general diagnostic work. Many FLIR hallmarks are included such as 2% thermal accuracy and fully radiometric JPEGs that integrate temperature data into a familiar, universally accepted image format. The new FLIR i3 is priced low enough for first-time users or for companies across industries that are ready to equip every technician or facility with an infrared camera.

FLIR's bold new E-series is a four-model range of compact thermal imagers (E30, E40, E50, E60) that transforms infrared diagnostics by introducing a mix of powerful thermal imaging capabilities such as 76,800 pixels (320 ¡¿ 240) IR resolution coupled with 2% accuracy, <0.05°C thermal sensitivity, 4x digital zoom, and 60Hz refresh rate as well as industry-first innovations such as Wi-Fi connectivity to personal devices such as iPads or iPhones, MeterLink Bluetooth connectivity to Extech meters, 3MP digital camera, and a wide, 3.5¡± full-view touchscreen with intuitive interface.

The all-new FLIR T620 and T640 build on the FLIR E-series' capabilities and add a 307,200-pixel (640 x 480) infrared resolution, thermal sensitivity to <0.04°C, 2,000°C temperature range capability, 4.3" screen, available color viewfinder for bright jobsites, advanced measurement modes, and a 5 MP digital camera. A truly flexible design with rotating optical block ensures hours of fatigue-free infrared diagnostics and easy screen viewing from any angle. FLIR¡¯s T620 and T640 tackle the performance demands of industrial, plant, utility, HVAC, and building-related professionals with premium capabilities.

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