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Feeder Protection Relay Supports Smart Grid

Beckwith Electric has introduced the M-7651 feeder protection relay with many advanced features including 18 protective relaying functions, providing synch-check and four-step reclosing capabilities with user selectable single or three phase breaker.

The base relay is a simple three-phase and ground over-current relay with three digital inputs and four contact outputs and has options for expanded inputs and outputs and Ethernet. The sampling rate of this relay is an astounding128 samples per cycle, which provides advanced metering and power quality level harmonics recording and analysis for THD (total harmonic distortion) and individual spectrum. CBEMA (Computer and Business Equipment Manufacturers' Association) events, such as sags, swells and load profile trending are also captured.

The M-7651 provides SOE (sequence of events recording) with 32 fault event reports and 3500 event records. Oscillography is user configurable for 16 or 32 samples per cycle, with 7 to 255 partitions and up to 2100 cycles per record. The M-7651 may be optioned to include 18 programmable inputs and 15 contact outputs, Ethernet and along with programmable front LED and function buttons, the user may configure to any and all application requirements.

The M-7651 features Smart Grid ready local and remote serial communications with protocols including BECO 7000, MODBUS, DNP 3.0, Harris 5000, and Smart P2P (16 bit peer to peer).

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