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Feeder Monitor Supports Energy Demand Logging Applications

Satec's branch feeder monitor is a new-generation energy management meter for multi-point energy demand data logging applications. BFM136/036 can monitor energy, demand, total and multi-tariff (TOU), using data logging.

The meter can monitor up to 12 three-phase channels or 36 single-phase channels, or any combination of both. The flexibility makes the BFM136/BFM036 especilly suitable for multi-tenant facilities, such as residential projects, office buildings and shopping malls.

The compact design is for installation within existing or new electric panelboards. The monitor also features an LCD display (BFM136 only) and flexible setup. It has a durable design for temper resistance. It offers high accuracy, complying with ANSI and IEC specifications.

The meter supports a variety of communication platforms: RS232/RS422/RS485, modem dial-up, Internet/Intranet, and Zigbee (wireless).

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