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Fault Locator Tests Longer, More Capacitive Cables

Megger has introduced the new PFL20M, a safe, efficient and easy-to-use Power Cable Fault Locator. The PFL20M delivers an impressive energy surge of 1500 Joules at 16 kV, which allows the user to tackle a wide range of cables, test longer cable and test more capacitive cables. An onboard inverter provides a choice of standard 120 or 240 V AC or 12 V DC. A new powerful MTDR cable analyzer is built into the lid of the PFL20M and has all the familiar prelocating techniques such as time domain reflectometry, arc reflection, differential arc reflection and current impulse.

The locator offers an on-board inverter for 12 VDC operation. It is a portable unit, with integrated wheel kit and has an IP54 environmental rating.
It features an integrated burn and DC proof test capability (within main cabinet) and an integrated MTDR in the instrument lid (with no exposed cables to HV cabinet).

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