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Exacter Forms Alliance with PAR Electrical Contractors for Turnkey Maintenance Services

Exacter, Inc. has formed an alliance with PAR Electrical Contractors, Inc., a Quanta Services company, to bring a broader scope of services to utility, municipal and cooperative customers. Under the agreement, Exacter will leverage PAR’s resources to help deliver turnkey reliability inspection services using Exacter’s technology.

In addition, certain PAR employees will receive training from Exacter on the use of its technology and operational process that helps identify failing electric power transmission and distribution infrastructure and, thus, helps utilities to more proactively maintain their power system and better allocate resources.

The EXACTER system can provide early warning of failing overhead transmission and distribution components such as transformers, regulators, insulators, cutouts and surge arrestors, and can detect other reliability issues using advanced sensor-array technology. Geospatial mapping provides location data to help prioritize maintenance and avoid outages.

“The alliance with PAR expands the reach of our service offering,” said John Lauletta, Exacter CEO and president. “Our technology identifies and locates system weaknesses. PAR is a nationwide service provider capable of performing the inspection and repair services required to make our offering a total turnkey solution. It is a logical combination.”

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