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ETSA Utilities Awards 5 Year Supply Contract to NOJA

ETSA Utilities has awarded NOJA Power Switchgear Pty Ltd a five-year supply contract for the South Australian distribution network's 11 kV pole-mounted, line recloser requirements. Serving approximately 782,000 residential and business customers through approximately 85,000 km of power lines, ETSA Utilities is one of the largest distributors in the Australian national electricity market.

The NOJA Power OSM15 recloser was selected by ETSA Utilities after a thorough engineering evaluation and selection process. Reliability and performance were key evaluation criteria applied by ETSA Utilities’ evaluating engineers. The NOJA OSM recloser satisfied stringent requirements of the ETSA Utilities engineers, including a high level of safety provided by the arc fault controlled and vented, solid dielectric insulated design. The recloser offers robust 30,000 full-load operations. The OSM reclosers will integrate to ETSA Utilities’ comprehensive network control and SCADA system via the DNP3 remote communications facility, provided within the RC01ES Control Cubicle. Some customized features were engineered into the OSM recloser and RC01ES design for ease of implementation into the ETSA Utilities’ working procedures.

NOJA Power is providing a number of value-added services, incorporating surge arrester and accessory requirements as well as specific mounting hardware arrangements that significantly reduce workshop assembly and testing hours for staff.

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