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Ethernet Switch Operates in Extreme Conditions Without Losing Data

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. has announced the availability of the SEL-2725 Five-Port Ethernet Switch. The SEL-2725 is an unmanaged, Ethernet edge switch and media converter, with four wired ports and one fiber-optic port. Apply the SEL-2725 to build reliable, safe Ethernet networks in electrical substations, generating plants, industrial plants, and other mission-critical sites.

Connect the Ethernet ports of up to four devices in the same cabinet or panel to an SEL-2725, using Category 5 shielded, twisted-pair (STP) cable. Use the fiber-optic port with fiber-optic cable to safely link the SEL-2725 to a station Ethernet network.

"The versatile SEL-2725 is a tough, reliable solution for a wide variety of industrial and electric utility applications," said SEL Senior Marketing Engineer Gary Scheer. "It withstands vibration, electrical surges, electrostatic discharge, fast transients, and extreme temperatures. This switch meets or exceeds IEEE 1613 (Class 2) standards for communications networking devices and drops no packets throughout this rigorous testing."

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