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EPRI Announces Agreement with Systems Integrator on TIMS

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) has announced an agreement with an engineering systems integrator to license EPRI’s Transmission Inspection and Maintenance System (TIMs), a software package used by utilities to improve power line inspection and collection of maintenance data.

The agreement with 3-GIS of Decatur, Alabama, a global engineering company that specializes in network integration, authorizes the firm to enhance and extend the enterprise capabilities of TIMs.

The EPRI-developed TIMs consists of two key components: field inspection computers that transmission line inspectors use to capture conditions on lines and record maintenance activities and a data server that exchanges data with the field inspection computers, reporting on the current condition of the transmission system.

TIMs uses a screen that projects a profile of each line’s structure and its related components. An inspector selects specific components from the display to identify deficiencies that require maintenance, repair, replacement or further monitoring.

"This is just one example of EPRI R&D leading to commercialization of a technology,” said Arshad Mansoor, vice president of EPRI’s Power Delivery & Markets sector. “TIMS is a valuable tool that will allow utilities to maintain and have easy access to data on a full range of transmission line equipment that is essential for uninterrupted and reliable power quality.”

EPRI is working with 3-GIS and current users of TIMs to update the software platform and expand its applications. The next version of the software, TIMs, 5.0, is expected to be available by late this year. As part of the commercializing agreement, 3-GIS will extend the marketing of the newest version of TIMs to telecommunications providers and mobile radio transmission operators.

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