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Enhanced Software Combines Power Quality Measurement, Fault Monitoring

KoCoS has announced the 2.50 release of the NRGCenter system software that combines all the tools required for power quality measurement and analysis and for fault monitoring and evaluation. This release features a number of new functions and is now delivered with all the fault recorders of the SHERLOG range and the EPPE power quality analysers. KoCoS is also offering an upgrade for previous versions of the software.

Using the NRGCenter 2.50 software, evaluation PCs and control system, computers can automatically create fault reports as PDF files and send them by email. The system can choose different recipients depending on the type of fault.

Another highlight of this new software version is the newly designed event recorder system that can logically link binary events to generate messages that can be defined by the user. Relays can also be controlled both for these events and for limit value violations of analogue measurement quantities in order to activate warning signals or to switch loads on or off, for example.

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