EnerNex Smart Grid Labs and MET Labs Announce Testing Services Collaboration

EnerNex Smart Grid Labs, in partnership with MET Laboratories, has announced an arrangement for collaboration on testing, analysis and training services for their energy industry clients. SGL and MET Labs work with a similar client base, offering complementary sets of services. Through this partnership, clients will benefit from the efficiencies gained in leveraging the combined resources of both companies within one comprehensive program.

Together Smart Grid Labs and MET Labs will offer solutions to utilities and their vendors that build upon each company’s innovative expertise, combining to create a premier full service offering across a number of energy industry domains.

Specific technical capabilities covered under this collaboration include:

EnerNex’s areas of focus

  • Distribution Automation System Testing
  • Cyber and Physical Security Testing
  • Utility Communications Protocol Testing
  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure Testing

MET Labs areas of focus

  • Meter Accuracy, Reliability, and Safety Testing
  • Photovoltaic Panel Testing
  • Electric Vehicle and Charging Station Testing
  • Inverter Testing

EnerNex Chief Technology Officer Erich Gunther stated: “Smart Grid Labs and MET Labs share a vision for providing our clients with high quality expert services to assure that systems and devices conform to end user expectations, and enable secure interoperability. Our collaboration will expedite the product evaluation and selection process for clients and accelerate readiness for deployment.”

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