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Electronic Meters Test Quantity of Energy Consumed

The latest generation of stationary and portable meter test systems of the METES family from KoCoS Messtechnik AG enable the user to test power meters across a broad frequency spectrum using any signal shape. Recorded power system situations, such as disturbances, for example, can also be replayed for test purposes.

The METES family systems are based on the latest 32/128 bit DSP technology. Input circuits using linear optocouplers (LOC technology) allow measurements across a wide band of frequencies. The current and voltage amplifiers designed in accordance with the ASCA principle (adjustable self-compensating amplifiers) are electronically protected against overload and short circuits. All test signals are synthetically generated and are supplied to the device under test via D/A-converters and power amplifiers.

The METES models have been especially designed for operation in harsh industrial conditions. A high degree of system integration has made it possible to develop compact test systems that are powerful at the same time. Because of their modular design, the test systems are available in various portable and stationary configurations.

All METES systems are delivered with basic software, which is easy to use and covers all major test functions including automatic evaluation. Optional software modules are available to extend the systems at any time to include functions for performing and evaluating special tests.

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