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Electrical Sub-Meter Includes IEEE 802.11 Communication

Electro Industries/GaugeTech has released the Shark 200-S electrical sub-meter. Using EIG's modern Shark series metering platform, the unit provides accurate 0.2% revenue-certified bidirectional energy measurement coupled with extensive interval data logging and patented IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi communication.

The unit incorporates 2 megabytes of logging capability for recording every aspect of power including voltage, current, frequency, Watts, VARs and PF, in addition to interval energy data. There are up to 3 historical logs available, as well as an alarm log and a system events log for logging attempted reads and tampering.

The Shark meter's communication capabilities include standard RS485 utilizing Modbus protocol, 100BaseT Ethernet and advanced Wi-Fi. The unit's communication capability is suited for electrical sub-metering. Because of the meter's creative multiple communication-connection concept, the user can harness real time and stored data on any new or existing infrastructure. For example, using Wi-Fi capability allows the users to take advantage of pre-existing wireless infrastructures already available within a facility.

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