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Electrical Power Infrastructure Facilitates Mining Productivity

Cooper Power Systems offers a full suite of products for mining applications including a complete line of Envirotran overhead, pad-mounted, and substation distribution transformers designed to withstand environmental hazards. Envirotran transformers are available in a variety of ratings to meet or exceed the requirements of applicable ANSI and NEMA standards.

In addition, the transformers are customized to specific project requirements to yield greater efficiency and reliability, and reduce environmental impact. Key site attributes such as load profile, ambient temperature conditions, altitude, and system life are considered in optimizing transformer performance and cost for each mining application. Envirotran transformers are filled exclusively with Envirotemp FR3 bio-based dielectric fluid, making this combination the environmentally preferred transformer for medium-voltage applications.

Cooper Power Systems offers a full-line of electrical distribution apparatus for use in overhead applications. The NOVA recloser design uses advanced polymer and vacuum technologies to increase reliability for distribution systems.

Additionally, Cooper Power Systems designs and manufactures a full suite of power capacitors, regulators, surge arresters, underground switchgear, cable accessories, voltage regulators, cutouts, and additional products designed to increase system reliability and power quality in mining applications.

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