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Efacec to Service Power Utility Markets

Efacec to Service Power Utility Markets

Efacec has made a significant investment in acquiring transformer service equipment and recruiting an experienced team to provide services to electrical utility markets nationwide.

Efacec now has full capability to provide the following services and products:

  • Power and distribution transformer installation, maintenance and testing
  • Core form and shell form transformer remanufacture and refurbishment
  • Load Tap Changer (LTC), cooler and control cabinet servicing, refurbishing and retrofits
  • Mobile substation installation, maintenance and testing
  • Electrical transformer parts and accessories

As a manufacturer of both core form (up to 450 MVA, 500 kV) and shell form (up to 1500 MVA, 500 kV) transformer technologies, Efacec delivers services to the entire portfolio of transformer technologies in the United States. Efacec’s personnel are trained on all aspects of transformer design and construction to ensure that the team assigned to a project has the necessary tools and skills.

“Considering the pressure utility and industrial customers are facing to maintain equipment performance on an aging infrastructure, now is the time to improve safety, restore reliability and extend the service life of power system devices,” stated Efacec’s Director of Services Eric Doak.

Efacec’s service teams are located across the country. Its North America offices are located in Rincon and Norcross, Georgia. Efacec has also established an office in Jackson, Tennessee that will be dedicated to the LTC and mobile substation businesses.

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