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EDSA Receives Patent for Real-Time System Monitoring and Predictive Analysis

EDSA has been awarded its third patent in the past 90 days from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

This most recent patent is for the real-time system monitoring and predictive analysis technology within EDSA’s Paladin Live facility and energy management software. Entitled Systems and Methods for Real-Time System Monitoring and Predictive Analysis, the patent describes Paladin Live’s ability to diagnose the reliability and energy efficiency of complex electrical power infrastructure in real-time; armed with this information, site operators are given the insight they need to optimize facility performance and pre-empt costly downtime, maintenance, or repairs.

The Paladin Live system achieves these benefits using what the company calls “model-based diagnostics,” consisting of a data acquisition component, a virtual system model, and an analytics engine. The data acquisition component is networked to real-time measurements of data output from various sources. Paladin Live has the ability to obtain the real time data from existing systems from industry-leading management systems including the OSIsoft, PI System, Square D SMS, Siemens Apogee, Eaton Foreseer, Honeywell Niagra Framework and Johnson Controls Metasys or directly to discrete sensors or intelligent meters. The virtual system model is configured to generate a predicted data output for these data sources; and the analytics engine is coupled to the real time data and the virtual system model. Working together, these components continually monitor and analyze the difference between the real-time data output and the predicted data output.

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