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Edison Intelligent Switchgear Enhances Reliability, Protection

Cooper Power Systems’ Edison Intelligent Switchgear (EIS) delivers an integrated system that provides enhanced protection, automation and communication capabilities. With Cooper’s “Smart Solutions – Reliable Power” philosophy, customers can integrate products to obtain enhanced reliability and increased safety.

EIS combines the reliability of Vacuum Fault Interrupter Switchgear with state-of-the-art Edison Idea controls. It is the integration of controls that are designed specifically for pad-mounted switchgear that makes EIS suitable for applications where it is critical to minimize the duration and scope of an outage.

This switchgear package is designed to monitor, protect, and reconfigure underground distribution systems based on custom logic, local or remote commands using idea relays. By monitoring and then sharing data among switchgear peers, intelligent decisions about how to minimize the effects of faults can be made. When this data is combined with the advanced fault detection logic of the iTAP and iLD controls, the scope and duration of outages on underground loop systems can be minimized. Automatic or manual reconfiguration capabilities are also enhanced with EIS, enabling utilities to keep more of the distribution system intact and/or re-configure the system to provide power to critical loads.

“It’s not just a intelligent control packaged with the gear. It’s how this intelligence is used locally, or shared with its peers that enables this gear to adapt and respond to dynamically changing system conditions,” said Daniel Wycklendt, global product manager, Cooper Power Systems.

Cooper Power Systems’ newest additions to the Edison Idea Control offering, the iLD and iTAP controls created specifically for EIS with the goal of improving system reliability by combining advanced overcurrent protection with the flexibility of custom protection schemes.

The iTAP Control provides advanced overcurrent protection while seamlessly integrating and remote or automatic operation of individual taps on underground circuits.

The iLD Line Differential Control is a two-terminal line differential relay that is optimized for underground feeder protection. The iLD also provides two separate built-in back-up protection algorithms to ensure protection even if the control loses communication with its peers.

If customized schemes are required the iTAP and iLD feature the Idea Workbench, a unique click-and-drag software tool enables the user to customize the protection and coordination logic.

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