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Ecobee Smart Thermostat Becomes ZigBee Smart Energy-Certified

Ecobee has received ZigBee Smart Energy certification for its new ecobee Smart Thermostat.

The ecobee Smart Thermostat is an electronic device with a full-color touch screen, noted for its easy-to-use interface. It is Wi-Fi-enabled so that users of the product can change the temperature remotely, from anywhere. It will now be able to support utility demand response programs.

The addition of the thermostat’s new ZigBee radio module facilitates ecobee’s participation in Smart Meter integration aimed at helping utilities and consumers reduce energy consumption during peak periods of demand. The ecobee Smart Thermostat uses the Certicom Device Authentication Service for Zigbee Smart Energy and was tested and certified using National Technical Systems’ (NTS) ZigBee Smart Energy (SE) Test Harness.

The ZigBee Smart Energy Certification embeds ZigBee technology into the Smart Thermostat allowing for optimization of ZigBee’s unique remote monitoring and control applications.

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