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Early Warning Devices Alert to Developing Fault Conditions

GE Power's HYDRAN instruments are early warning devices that will alert personnel to developing fault conditions that could lead to equipment failures and unscheduled outages. They warn personnel when diagnostic or remedial actions are needed. The Hydran M2 adds the monitoring of moisture in oil to this capability. This allows the use of only one valve to obtain both measurements. The use of the optional analog inputs allows basic transformer monitoring.

The product interfaces with FARADAY TMCS Transformer Management System and GE TMAP & LTC-MAP products. The Hydran M2 will also communicate with existing or new Hydran Networks and FARADAY tMEDIC Transformer Management Systems as well as GE substation automation products such as iBOX, D20 and D25. The Hydran M2 is installed with no additional oil lines and uses no pumps or other moving parts for maximum long-term reliability.

The HYDRAN M2 combines two products in one:

  • The Hydran intelligent fault monitor that reads a composite value of gases, in ppm, generated by faults and provides output capability for communications.
  • Moisture level sensor for the evaluation of dangerous conditions such as bubbling temperature and asset management information such as rate of aging of the insulation.

The Hydran M2 includes up to four optional 4-20mA inputs (or outputs) for possible connection to other sensors such as temperature or load current.

Five dry contacts are available.

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